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Prompted with the word Disgust I wanted to explore drug addiction, then I worked with a choreographer and dancer to express this emotion and journey through a semi-improvised dance piece. Created over two days at NFTS, this exercise paired fiction directors with cinematographers and production designers. With very limited time and resources we had to build and light a set and then create a short film inside of it. With a limited budget of £50

Starring and Choreographed by Simon Donnellon 
Directed by Emma J. Gilbertson
Cinematography by Kit Mackenzie
Production Design by Paulina Camacho
Edited by Lesley Posso
Composed by Madison Willing 
Sound Designer by Miles Sullivan  
Colourist - Marco Valerio Caminiti 
Art Director Eva Calland - Waller 
Camera Assistant - Sonja Huttusen 
Make-Up  by Ellie Canning

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