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Requiem is set in 1605, against the backdrop of the witch trials. It’s a coming of age story, following Evelyn as she engages in a game of cat and mouse against her father, Minister Gilbert, in order to be with Mary, the woman she loves.
Starring: Bella Ramsey, Safia Oakley-Green, Simon Balcon, Sean Buchanan, Jack Norris, Jason Adam, Jack Condon and Juliet Dante

Director: Emma Jane Gilbertson

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Screenwriter: Laura Jayne Tunbridge

Director of Photography: Joseph Guy

Production Designer: Freddie Burrows

Editor: Oli Bauer

Composer: Madison Willing

Sound Designer: Miles Sullivan
Costume Design: Ashley Conor
Hair and Make up Design: Gemma Lokat-Smith 
Visual Effects Producer/Artist: Jake Calcutt
Compositor/Visual Effects Supervisor: Pietro Abati

Production Company: National Film and Television School

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