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Ringo is an absurdist satire musical. Set during a family christmas meal, an argument regarding political, ethical and moral differences takes place.
Starring: Heather Porte, Terence Edward Frisch and Andrew Ioannaou
Director: Emma Jane Gilbertson
Executive Producer: Emma Hanson
Screenwriter: Oscar Redding
Lyrics and Composer: Alastair Mcnamara.  Cinematographer: Kit Mackenzie 
Production Managers: Elisza Diaz and Kristín ósk Sævarsdóttir 
1st Assistant Director: Alice Arbuthnot.
Editor: Oli Bauer 
Sound Designer: Joe De-Vine 
Production Sound Mixer: Luise Guertler 
Colourist/online editor: Marco Valerio Caminiti 
Costume Designer: Ashley Conor and Penelope Konstantara 
Hair and Make-up:  Tillie Robinson Smith 
Title and Credits: Emma Beinish 
Poster Designer: Martina Latini

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